Architecture is about creating experiences.

The people and places that surround us shape our experiences and perception. The spaces we inhabit can inspire us, empower us, connect us or lead us to quiet introspection and contemplation. Architecture endeavors to shape our environment in ways that support us and help us to thrive. It is not merely about creating functionality. Architecture strives to bridge the tangible and intangible.

Architecture is about collaboration.

The process of design is rarely a linear process. It's a journey that often involves reassessing the final goal. Good design results from communication between the Owner and the Architect. It's the role of the Architect to assist the Owner in discovering true needs and desires. The Architect presents solutions, but it is ultimately the Owner who knows what works best for them.The Owner and the Architect are partners in the design process.

Architecture is about learning.

Transforming ideas into reality can be daunting. An Architect must balance aesthetics, functionality, code requirements, constructability and budgets. The Architect must serve as manager, designer and educator, helping Owners to understand how their intentions can be achieved in what might seem as restrictive parameters. Limitations often lead to unexpected, creative solutions.

Architecture is about the final product.

Though the process of architecture may involve numerous sketches, discussions, drawings, documents and permits, what really matters is the final space that you inhabit. During the process of construction, an architect continually guides, advises and responds to the unexpected. The Architect provides solutions during the construction process so that you can make educated decisions.

Architecture is about you.

With 20 years of practice in architecture, I can guide you competently through the design, permitting and construction process. My San Francisco based practice is not about ego. It's about listening and discovering solutions that work for you. Contact me to see how we can collaborate to achieve your design goals.

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